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“For me, it’s more than just a camera. It means for me to keep my memories firmly and to pass on.”

What started with photography and filming during school years is passion
and profession by now. After finishing my apprenticeship as a pharmaceutical
assistant I decided to travelled to Canada to make first experiences with the
production of the series “Smallville” and the movie “Helen”. Coming back I
gained my advanced technicalcollege qualification in one year. After this year,
i moved to Hamburg and studied Cinematography from 2009 to 2012.
During that time I worked as a Video playback manager , camera assistant, and
camerawoman like „ Dockville – Festival“, „Filmfest Hamburg“ and short movies.

Occasionally, I participated in other projects like in production of music videos
for the German band “Wir sind Helden”.
I work as a free camera assistant / video operator and camerawoman for movie and
television since 2011.
During a six months long internship in a TV production company I gained know-how
in documentary, report and image movies.
So far I worked as camera assistant for Television, Commercial and Cinema.
Constantly, I acquire knowledge and know-how on Camera and production to be able
to meet my own expectation for my work and to realize my own projects.


Passion is my motto.

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Arri Alexa Cameras
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